Reamping is a process in which DI guitar track is run through an amplifier. This allows you to record one track at home and then get sound of any amp you want.
A DI track is a recorded guitar track that was not run through any amplifier yet.
DI should be saved in wav format.
First of all, the track should be recorded evenly and steady. New strings are a must. Your interface and wire used to record matter as well. The volume should not be normalized .
You need an interface with good quality instrumental input. You may consider PRESONUS AudioBox for the beginning. If your interface does not come with an instrumental input, you can use a DI-Box.
You need to buy credits, which are spent after you click the "Reamp" button. Testing the sound is free of charge.
The reamping process can be cancelled before it is started. After that your credits will be returned. Finished reamping can't be cancelled.
Yes, of course! But please remember to keep proper signal level.
The standard option provides you with 5 basic settings: Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence. Reamping with the "Pro" option lets you alter advanced amplifier settings and use stomps.
Yes, you can! You can test sound of various amplifiers and settings. It is free of charge.
At the moment, no. It may be available in the future. However, feel free to contact us with your suggestions, as we still consider adding new amplifiers to the list.
That signal level is returned by the Kemper Profiler. You should set proper track's volume in your DAW.

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