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$ 0 /minute
Limited track's duration
13 cabinet models
8 microphones
Low priority
Mix reamped track with backing track
$ 1.68 /minute
All from standard
Extra 15 advanced amplifier settings
Up to 4 stomps support

See what professional musicians say about reamping and Kemper Profiler.

Yes the reamp is pretty cool, really easy to use and more powerful. It adds presence in the track and of course, give more realism than an amp simulation.

I compose for video, ad, film and was looking for a reamping solution and found out Amp in Cloud.
David Grumel
David Grumel
Composer, producer, pianist and guitarist.
Your service was very helpful for me while working on several songs.

I actually purchased a power rack Kemper this summer because I was so impressed by the realism I could get by using your site.
Jon Francis
Jon Francis
Ghost Tone Studios
Awesome. It works great. Huge possibilities.

I'm really sensitive of artificial sounds and so on, but this reamping really gets it right. I'm shocked.
Valley Sound Studio
I think you are doing great job with Amp in Cloud, always wanted to try Kemper, and it was a great way to do it. Keep doing good things!
Zoran Starovic
Zoran Starovic
It's easy to use, fast, and very good price. Site is also pretty cool and friendly to user.

Now luckily I have my own kemper, but I highly recommended you to my friends and students who don't have enough money to buy the Profiler.
Klemen Čampa
Klemen Čampa
Guitarist, session and live musician and guitar teacher from Slovenia.
We love the KPA, we would love to have our own, so having this chance to re-amp is the best thing.

I just loved the service from the very first day.
Paris Valadakis
Paris Valadakis
Guitarist of Tidal Dreams

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